Since its inception on 1 January 2006, La Banque Postale has continued to develop its activities in a strong, progressive and controlled manner and we now offer a complete range of products and services for individuals, corporate customers and local public sector stakeholders. Incorporating the values of La Poste of serving the greatest possible number in their local community, we look to the future with clarity, energy and confidence.




  •  Adoption of a new brand signature: "The civic-minded bank".
  •  The State announced the setting up of a Local funding company (SFIL), in partnership with the Caisse des Dépôts and La Banque Postale


  •  Rollout of access to social home ownership offering.
  •  Marketing of a short-term credit facilities, followed by medium- and long-term credit facilities for local authorities.
  •  Launch of "L’Envol, the La Banque Postale campus", to promote equal opportunity.
  •  Setting up of the Initiative against Banking Exclusion, a think tank in partnership with eight major national associations.
  •  1.34 billion euros in loans granted to businesses in 2012


  •  Drawing up of La Banque Postale's 2011-2015 strategic plan: "Putting the customer first: let's make a difference"
  •  Access to a complete range of products and services for private customers, with the launch of our general insurance and health insurance products.
  •  Capital increase of La Banque Postale to 860 million euros, subscribed by La Poste to support the Bank's rapidly expanding commercial activity.
  •   French Prudential Control Authority approval to offer financing to corporate customers.
  •  93% of customers satisfied with La Banque Postale Chez soi, a new all-remote banking service


  •  Launch of professional bank card, associated with useful day-to-day services (insurance, cover, etc.).
  •  National launch of consumer credit offering via all Bank channels.
  •  Rollout of Customer Service Area in almost 800 post offices with improved access and shorter waiting times.
  •  La Banque Postale seen as the first French bank to commit to sustainable development for the second consecutive year (Observatoire du Développement Durable (Observatory for Sustainable Development) by the Institut français d'opinion publique (IFOP) (French Institute of Public Opinion)).


  •  Acquisition of Tocqueville Finance, a portfolio management company, to boost the Bank's asset management offering.
  •  Creation of La Banque Postale Assurances IARD – in partnership with Groupama – to market its general insurance offering.
  •  Partnership signed with La Mutuelle Générale to launch a health insurance offering.
  •  Second business centre opened in Marseille.
  •  267.5 millions euros collected under SRI (socially responsible investment).


  •  La Banque Postale solely recognised as having a banking accessibility function by the French Economic Modernisation Act.
  •  Creation of a network of asset management advisors and dedicated products for high-net-worth customers, such as discretionary management available from 75,000 euros.
  •  Approved to distribute general insurance.
  •  Acquisition of Easybourse, a financial information website, with a complete online brokering range available shortly thereafter.
  •  First business centre opened in Bordeaux for corporate customers.


  •  Launch of SwiftNet cashflow management offer as part of the overall policy to develop payment services for business customers.
  •  Extension of approval to grant social micro-loans and green light from the State to distribute consumer credit offerings.
  •  La Banque Postale ranked "the least expensive of retail banks" by Challenge magazine.
  • 250 billion euros in assets at 31/12, up almost 11 billion euros on 2006.


  •  Creation of La Banque Postale on 1 January 2006.
  •  29.3 million customers and 4.613 billion euros in Net banking income at 31/12/2006.
  •  Creation of Vivaccio, the first unit-linked life insurance policy.
  •  Launch of a range of seven property loans with the Pactys offering.
  •  La Banque Postale subsidiaries and holdings already included Ciloger (property management), XAnge Private Equity (portfolio management and capital investment consultancy), La Banque Postale Asset Management and CNP Assurances.

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