Corporate social responsibility


A unique, solid, responsible and sustainable business model

Since its creation, La Banque Postale, a public service bank serving the real economy, has chosen a unique, solid, responsible and sustainable business model. As a bank for everyone, it has always welcomed every person with respect and consideration, irrespective of their situation. A useful bank, it offers responsible, simple and innovative services along with quality advice. La Banque Postale maintains close relationships with all of its customers, individual and corporate, thanks to the post offices’ unique network and its numerous interconnected and long-distance access services. Focused on regional development, La Banque Postale harnesses French people’s savings for local development and energy transition projects in the country. The bank built on trust, it gives first priority to its customers’ interests and to the management of both financial and extra-financial risks. As a “civic-minded bank”, it shares and creates a new relationship with money and the bank along with its customers. This relationship of trust, acclaimed by its customers and stakeholders alike, is its greatest pride and its finest quality; it is built each day through respect for the men and women working in its organisation, and through respect for the environment.

La Banque Postale’s CSR policy, developed up to 2015 and validated by the Responsible Development Committee in June 2012, is based on 12 missions and 25 flagship/priority projects. It will be reviewed in 2016 to cover the period 2016-2020. The table below shows where to find the results of this roadmap in the following pages.