Interview with Remy Weber, Chairman of the Executive Board of La Banque Postale

The current low interest rates are unfavourable to retail banks in France. How are the financial results of La Banque Postale developing?
In a complex environment, marked not only by low interest rates, but also by intensified competition, the arrival of new entrants and more and more digital uses, La Banque Postale proves its resilience on a daily basis. Past strategic policy decisions are paying off: the Bank is sounder than ever. Our results are improving: for the fourth consecutive year, La Banque Postale’s pre-tax income will exceed €1 billion. It stands at €1.138 billion (i.e. +11.3%), with net banking income increasing by 1.5%.
This level of revenue enables us to continue investing in the bank of the future and to meet our customer’s expectations. It also enables us to invest in training our teams to play our role in the transformation of Le Groupe La Poste.
It reflects the good commercial momentum of La Banque Postale in serving its customers. The Bank has 10.5 million active individual customers who trust us. Whether they are in financial difficulties or wealthy, La Banque Postale must be of use to them.

A word from Philippe Wahl, Chairman and CEO of Le Groupe La Poste and Chairman of La Banque Postale’s Supervisory Board

In 2017, La Banque Postale once again proved the soundness of its strategic model in a fragile economic context. Its revenues have been steady for four years; its capital ratios are among the best in the sector and its cost of risk among the lowest.
Stimulated by the spirit of conquest and development to serve all its customers, it intensified its commercial momentum in 2017 with private individuals – from the most modest to the wealthiest – with businesses of all sizes, players in the local public sector and the third sector economy. La Banque Postale is everyone’s bank.